December.  No matter what you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), this time of year is a mixed bag.  We have the opportunity to experience so many great things — parties, maybe a couple of days off work, a chance to catch up with friends and family, sparkly lights, snow (OK, this is a good thing to me, but I know not everyone loves it!), giving, COOKIES, and so much more.  Despite that, many people feel stressed, sad, or overwhelmed.  Not everyone can be with their family and friends and not everyone can afford all of *this.*  The over-commercialization of just about everything this time of year is upsetting to lots of people.  The list goes on and on for the good and not-so-good this time of year. 

There are a LOT of apps out there to help you on your therapeutic journey.  While I am still happy to give my clients good old-fashioned paper, I find that most of us prefer to use our phones or tablets.  Not only is that often preferred , but the processing we can do in the moment can be more beneficial than waiting to write things down. Here are a few apps that are reliable, easy-to-use, and come with a seal of approval from me and past clients!